73… just a random number… quite a large number… not too large though… it’s just under 75, a number that I usually associate with 75% or 3/4.

73… that’s the number of days until Staging… 73 days until I leave the comforts of my home, leave my family, leave my friends, and begin the next journey of my life.  I quit my job in late-August (August 26th to be exact) and 10 months later, I’m scheduled to leave for The Gambia on June 26th.  If I were to take those 10 months and view it as a percentage, with right now being mid-April, then I’m about 75% on my way to Staging.  Only 25% remains… 25% equals 73 days.  73 doesn’t seem like a large number anymore.  Counting it up, I’ve been waiting 232 days since that day on August 26.  Think of what that number would be if I were to take the day I first applied (which I don’t really remember) in March 2011.

So 73 days left.  What will I be doing during those 73 days?  Moving… moving back to my parent’s home and back into my old bedroom when I was a kid.  Cramming an apt worth of stuff into 1 tiny bedroom.  It’s quite a feat!  (Well, let’s also say that the garage is also my new best friend.)  Traveling… I’m planning on camping in Utah and visiting friends in the Midwest.  Packing… that’s one thing that I’m dreading but also looking forward to.  The PC packing list is long, and I have to do a bit of shopping.  I have to pack up 2 years worth of stuff after all.

73 days… and the countdown continues…


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