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It’s been about 20 days since I moved to site, and it’s been a challenge adjusting to life in a village and also working in a nearby town. The commute from village to town isn’t too bad if I’m able to ride my bike and the dirt roads are not too sandy. If it’s slightly wet and damp because of the rains, the 2 km bike ride to town goes quickly; when it’s been hot and dry, I have to walk my bike part of the way to town; when it’s wet and rainy, I give up on biking altogether and just walk with my umbrella.

My host family is very nice. My host father, more like guardian or host brother, is young, just 29 years old and is one year younger than me. His wife, my host mom, is also young but I’m not sure about her age. I’m assuming they’re about the same age or she might be slightly younger. They have a 2 year old son, and today (of all days when I’m not at site) my pregnant host mom delivered a baby girl. I’m so happy for them! I love my host family. They are so generous and kind and thoughtful and caring and considerate.


2 thoughts on “My Site…

  1. Sweet bike man! I’m jealous! Hoping to bring my old MTB back to CR with me when I visit the States next month! Congrats on being an “uncle”(?)!

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