Random Moment of the Day #4

RANDOM MOMENT OF THE DAY: My village played a football game in their league Finals. To get to the other village where the Final was being held, people from my village and I had to ride atop a huge big rig truck. We won the match and the championship, and rode the big rig truck back home, screaming and celebrating all the way.


Random Moment of the Day #3

RANDOM MOMENT OF THE DAY: Played with some of the kids in my village (about 15 or so showed up outside my compound) and taught them tic, tac, toe. Then, they taught me a game similar to hop scotch. Just one of those days where you get to be a kid again.

Random Moment of the Day #2

RANDOM MOMENT OF THE DAY: Met an old, bearded Dutch man traveling the Gambia on vacation by himself.  He was halfway between town and my village, sitting under a tree with the Wolof family that I normally pass every afternoon.  Kinda weird and annoying fellow.  He kept complaining about things he didn’t like about the country right in front of the Gambian family that was entertaining him.

Random Moment of the Day #1

I think I’m gonna start a “RANDOM MOMENT OF THE DAY” (or week depending on how lazy I get), so…

RANDOM MOMENT OF THE DAY: Biking home from school on the dirt road leading from town to my village and having to wait a couple minutes for the herd of cows to cross the road… it was one of those “yep, I’m in the Gambia” moments, and I literally said that in my head as I tried to weave through some cows.