Ardo and Mexican food…

I’ve been very lazy to write a long blog post about what’s been happening during my first 3 months at site… also known as our “3-Month Challenge.” I’ll try my best to detail all the things that have been going on… but NOT today 🙂 For now, I’m going to indulge and talk about Ardo and Mexican food!

So what is Ardo?


When my friend back in the US looked it up on Google, one of the first things that came up was about breastfeeding. No! Ardo is not something related to breastfeeding. Ardo is a yogurt made in Senegal. Its found mainly in West Africa – in Senegal, The Gambia, and I think Guinea and Guinea Bissau. It is DELICIOUS! I highly recommend grabbing some if you go to any of these countries. You won’t regret it.

So anyway, today, my friend knew the Ardo owner and she introduced several of us (PCVs) to him. He’s a nice old Lebanese man from Senegal, but he currently lives in the United States with his family. He’s been back in the Gambia to look over the business, and we got a chance to check out the Ardo warehouse in Kombo. He gave us bags of Ardo… LOTS of it! Vanilla Ardo… Ardo with Millet (aka chakary)… Ardo with fruit… small bags of Ardo… large tubs of Ardo… Ardo GALORE!

Ardo02 Ardo03 Ardo04

Then he took us out to eat dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called “El Sol” in the Village. Tonight, I ate something with CHEESE! I was so happy. Cheese dishes are hard to come by here in the Gambia, and they are usually very expensive. We had appetizers (nachos, bbq chicken, and some potato dish), then I shared 2 entrees with a friend (shrimp and beef enchiladas and chicken quesadillas). Everyone was stuffed, but I still had room to eat, so I ended up finishing off my friend’s plate as well as the Ardo owner’s plate. On to dessert! We had ice cream, nutella crepes, and chocolate cake. It was DELISH! Good lord, I hadn’t eaten like that in ages! It felt like I was back in the US! I am stuffed!



Ardo08 Ardo09 Ardo10 Ardo11 Ardo12 Ardo13

Twas a good night!

Thank you Mr. Ardo! You are one awesome person!


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