Paper planes…

Today, I made paper airplanes for kids in my village…

Ansata came over in the afternoon again, bringing with her the posse of little kids that tend to follow, and she wanted to play Dam.  I wasn’t in the mood to play the board game (more like “ground game” since you play it on the dirt).  Instead, we started chatting about random things that I can’t really recall at the moment, but the topic of planes came up. So I had an idea. Paper planes!  I had a hunch that they never made them before and that it would be a cool thing to introduce to them.

I brought out some paper, and I showed Ansata how to make the same paper airplane that my sister and cousins showed me how to make when I was a kid.  First off, let me just say that teaching kids how to fold pieces of paper (having never done it before) is a bit tricky. Even though you end up showing them how to do it (in other words, you make one and they make one with you at the same time), you end up basically making their paper plane.

Nonetheless, I made 2 paper planes and then off to the air they went! It was a bit breezy this afternoon, so they didn’t fly as best they could, but the kids still loved it.  They were amazed that it could fly such a long distance in the air.  To me, it wasn’t really far… just like 3 to 5 meters, but to them, it was as if it flew miles.  Another idea… PAPER AIRPLANE FLYING CONTEST!  I took a stick and drew a line on the sand.  Everyone had to stand behind the line.  Then, one by one, each child threw the plane to see how far it could fly. Where it landed, the child had to place a little rock or pebble indicating its landing point. The child who was able to throw the plane the farthest wins.  Again, they loved this idea. They played this game, they tried to beat each other, they teased each other if they didn’t throw the plane well, they teased each other if they won…

… just another day with the little kids in my village…


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