HIV/AIDS Workshop March 2013…

On March 25 and 26, Joe, Daniel, Kelsey and I ran a HIV/AIDS Workshop held at the Peace Corps Office.  [See below for photos!]  The workshop was intended for PCVs during their In-Service Training (IST), and they were told to bring their village/work counterparts. The four of us had been working on the HIV/AIDS curriculum for several months. Last November, right around the time of the HIV/AIDS Bike Trek, the four of us were chosen to be part of a Task Force in charge of designing and implementing this HIV/AIDS Workshop. It was quite exciting being chosen for the job, but I knew that it would entail a lot of work. The four of us met several times between November and March – brainstorming, planning, organizing, and writing the curriculum that would become the 2-day workshop.  Although the Bike Trek curriculum was used as the starting point for writing the curriculum, we added several new topics, revised others, and removed some sections entirely.

Kelsey and I were in charge of Day 1, giving the participants background information about HIV/AIDS. It was very challenging because the HIV/AIDS knowledge of the PCVs and counterparts spanned such a large spectrum. Many PCVs knew a lot about HIV/AIDS, whereas most counterparts had little or incorrect knowledge. The goal was to find the middle ground, and try to inform everyone without being overtly technical or too simplistic.

Joe and Daniel were in charge of Day 2. This day was more focused on application of the knowledge gained from Day 1 and also strategies for disseminating this knowledge in the village/community setting.  Participants were informed that Day 1 was more informational, whereas Day 2 was more interactive.

Below, I’ve listed the schedule of the activities for the 2 days. Overall, it was a successful workshop and everyone felt that they learned a lot, especially the Gambian counterparts.

Day 1:

  1. Introductions and Icebreaker
  2. Group Agreements / Question Box / Goals
  3. Let’s Talk About Our Body
  4. What Do You Know About HIV?
  5. HIV Basics
  6. What Do you Know About AIDS?
  7. Types of HIV
  8. Transmission
  9. Treatment
  10. Prevention
  11. History of HIV/AIDS
  12. Gambian Statistics
  13. Open the Question Box

Day 2

  1. High / Low / No Risk Activity
  2. Counseling and Testing
  3. Stigma and Discrimination
  4. Cultural Barriers Group Activity
  5. Communication Starters in Village
  6. Role Play Scenario Activity
  7. Dissemination Strategies
  8. Create HIV Message Activity
  9. Resources Available to PC Volunteers
  10. Closing Activity
  11. Open the Question Box

Here are photos taken from both days of the workshop.  Enjoy!


Note to the reader:  I would love to learn more about ways to educate people about HIV/AIDS.  If anyone out there has advice, tips, or any other useful information, feel free to share 🙂


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