Snake in the Compound…

It’s happened before, and it’s happened again… snake in the compound!  Last time (it was actually in training village last July), I found 3 snakes in my hut.  This led to Peace Corps moving me to a different host family and different house.  This time, however, I’m at site, and the snake was not in my hut, but rather my host mom’s hut.

So… I said goodnight to my host mom and headed inside my hut to take a bucket bath.  My host mom went into her own hut where the kids were sleeping.  (My host dad was away visiting relatives so he’s not around tonight.)  From my house, I suddenly heard my friend/neighbor in the compound talking to my host mom outside.  I opened my door to find out what’s going on, and my host mom tells me something is inside her house.  She didn’t want to disturb me, and so that’s why she called my friend.

My neighbor finds big stick, I go into my hut and grab my machete, and we end up searching my host mom’s hut.  After a couple minutes, we end up killing a small snake slithering inside.  Well, actually, my friend was the one that killed the snake.  He spotted the snake first and started whacking it with the stick.  Then he took my machete and started chopping it as if it was a vegetable on a chopping block.  Whack!  Whack!  Whack!  I had never used my machete before, but I must say… it’s pretty damn sharp!!!

We took the snake pieces out of the house and looked around to make sure there were no other snakes wriggling about.  Soon, other village people came to our compound to see what happened.  After a couple minutes, people slowly went back home.  My host mom, though a little frazzled, went back inside her hut despite saying she didn’t want to sleep there tonight.  I went back inside my hut, and started inspecting my room for any slithering creepy crawlies.  And finally, I was able to take my bath 🙂

But questions remain… what kind of snake was it?  And was it poisonous?



2 thoughts on “Snake in the Compound…

    • Hmmm… the snake was actually kinda small. Maybe it was a baby. But I’m not sure if it was a boa. I’m still keeping an eye out in case any more pop into our compound.

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