A scary travel day… and a sad time for Peace Corps…

Quite the travel day today: Jumped on a gelli gelli (a public transport van here in The Gambia, capable of holding up to about 30 passengers) with 2 other volunteers. Before it pulls out of the parking garage, the engine starts revving very hard and doesn’t stop. The noise gets louder and louder. Smoke starts coming from the engine, and the driver can’t turn it off. Everyone is told to get out fast, and people panic trying to get out of the gelli. Mothers toss their babies out the window to other passengers outside. I’m jumping over seats to get out. Thankfully, the gelli didn’t explode, but the chaos that it caused felt like that it just could have… OH, then we get back on the gelli and continue on our trip… then it dies and breaks down completely, and we have to hop on another gelli. Made it to the Peace Corps house safely… THANK GOD!!!

On a sad (and ironic) note, I found out recently that a Peace Corps volunteer died in Uganda due to an automobile accident (link below).  Also, in Ghana, another volunteer died recently due to health issues… I think an unknown illness (link below).  My heart and condolences goes out to the family and friends of these fellow PCVs!!!




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