See | Me’s 4th Annual EXPOSURE Photo Competition 2013…

Some time ago (about one and half years actually), I entered a photo contest on Smithsonian Magazine Online and was an Editor’s Pic for a “Photo of the Day.”  That kinda made me realize that “hey… I guess people really do like some of my photos”… so I decided to do it again.  Today, I entered in the See | Me website’s 4th Annual EXPOSURE Photo Competition.

Please click on the link below and view my photo entries.  If you like them, please VOTE for me, or SHARE the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, PInterest pages, etc.  Thanks for all the support!



Welcome New Health PCVs!!!

Congratulations to the 10 new Health volunteers that had their swearing-in ceremony today!  Welcome Christine, Daniella, Eloise, Jason, Kara, Katie, Lindsey, Lisa, Sebastian, and Siobhan to the Peace Corps The Gambia family.  Now it’s time to celebrate, Senegambia style!