Health Mural Paintings…

From May 24-29, I finally organized and executed a small mural painting project at the Farafenni hospital (AFPRC General Hospital). I was able to get five Peace Corps volunteers and a village community member to come and help me with the drawing and painting. Kathy, another PCV that lives somewhat nearby, let me use her paints and drawing materials to make these murals. Three of the murals were painted in the hospital’s Pediatric Ward, and two were painted in the Maternity Ward. According to the comments from patients, nurses, and other hospital staff members, the murals added a lot of color and character to the wards.

Mural 1: Road to Health
Mural 2: Proper Hand Washing
Mural 3: Proper Wound Care

Mural 4: Exclusive Breastfeeding
Mural 5: Proper Hand Washing

Thank you Nichole, Jackie, Sebestian, Peter, Maggie, and Alagie for helping me with this project, and thank you Kathy for the painting supplies.